Rebecca Brewster


Is it time to shift your mindset and change your life?

I’m a qualified therapist registered counsellor with PACFA  – the national peak body for counsellors and psychotherapists in Australia – a Mindset Coach and hypnotherapist.
Why these three are so powerful
Having counselling, Mindset Coaching and hypnotherapy expertise means we can effectively tap into what is going on for you – both on a conscious and unconscious level. This means, together, we fast-track positive change that works well both for the short and long term.

What kinds of help do you need?

Perhaps you could use some coaching to change the negative thoughts that are blocking you from achieving your goals. Or maybe hypnotherapy to help you break unhelpful habits – like smoking, alcohol, insomnia. If you are struggling with grief – perhaps divorce or the death of a loved one – I can help too. Let me know what’s going on for you and we can talk it though.

Treatment Plans
Treatment plans are devised especially for you. You are informed about how many sessions it may take to reach your desired place – and the areas we might cover in each session.

Your treatment plan is a strategy we work on together. Specific goals and resources  are chosen to shift your thoughts, mood and behaviour to where you want to be.

Take-home skills

We don’t just talk about the problem. Together we also develop and practice skill-sets especially for you to help handle the issue once you leave the room.

These strategies might be about tackling those difficult thoughts and feelings so they have less impact and influence over you. It may also be about specific ways to improve your interpersonal relationships and deal with the more difficult people we encounter in life.

After each session you leave with small, manageable tools for you to use between our sessions. Small, manageable tools that can make a big difference to your life. These can range from an mp3 copy of your hypnotherapy session for private listening, to simple exercises to help defuse unwanted thought patterns.

Coaching, Counselling and Hypnotherapy Sessions fees:

Initial Consultation: 60 to 75 mins – $130

Follow up consultation: 50 mins – $110

Pre-paid packages: 4 x 50 minute sessions  – $400