Sarah Collis Willott

Massage therapy has been a driving force in my life since 2004 due to the amazing impact it has on a person’s overall health. I completed many supporting subjects at UW Stout (Wisconsin) prior to commencing my first Wholistic course in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2006. Since then I have ‘rebooted’ my education by completing a Remedial Massage Diploma in Perth, WA. This in itself has empowered me not only with more knowledge but allowed me to become a registered practitioner in Australia.

I love adding more skills to my qualification doing courses such as completing a course called Basic and Therapy: a fantastic and gentle method to support your circulation, mood and basic functions in your body. I have experience working with a wide variety of clients from MVA injury and stroke recovery to professional athletes. As a therapist I create individual treatment plans specific to a clients’ needs and goals using a mix of evidence based techniques and traditional massage styles. I look forward to working with you.