Spring Sneezes?

Seasonal change is in the air! Shortly followed by snotty noses, sore throats, sneezing and headaches presenting as hay-fever or even worse the dreaded flu…
Wind changes each year often leave many suffers reaching for pharmaceutical drugs such as antihistamines, nasal sprays and cortisone inhales in hopes of combating these distressing symptoms.

But there is relief without drugs….

Acupuncture along with the use of Chinese herbs is an ancient art of healing that has stood the test of time for thousands of years as a safe and effective treatment. At Nurture Clinic our practitioners assess and address the underlying cause of these symptoms -with the aim to strengthen the immune system and preventing the body being susceptible to further attack of illness, whilst supporting the body’s self-repair mechanism.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) does not view nasty pathogens such as germs, virus and even pollen as the solitary offender responsible for disorders such as hay-fever and flus.  TCM views the body and all its systems as a whole. When one of these systems in this case being the immune system known as Wei Qi in TCM, is no longer functioning at optimal level, there may be imbalances within the body. Once the body is in a state of imbalance this can create an environment for external pathogens such as wind to penetrate the body carrying with it virus and germs.

Research has shown that real acupuncture (RA) compared to sham acupuncture (SA) is significantly more effective in relieving seasonal allergic rhinitis. One study results indicate that RA is more effective than SA in decreasing symptoms of sneezing, itchiness of ears and palate of mouth with the mean difference of 95%.
Handy hints to protect yourself this flu season
Stay indoors on windy days to avoid airborne pathogens
Cleanliness is next to Godliness, to avoid exposure to dust and pet fur
Add warming, spicy or pungent foods to your diet. E.g. garlic, onion, lemon and ginger. These foods help dissolve and clear mucus.
Leave out the greasy, high sugar and dairy from your diet. These foods generate mucus in the body as well as lower immune system.
Listen to your body. If it’s telling you to rest, then rest! Often we get caught in the fast pace of life and burn our candles at both ends. This in turn also lowers the immune system. The body needs rest to replenish
Stay warm. In particular keep the feet, tummy, lower back and neck warm. In doing so this promotes smooth flow of energy (Qi) within the body promoting good health.
Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping and essential oils can help you get back on your feet again and equip you with fantastic armour to fight those winter blues.

Book your appointment today at Nurture Studio with one of our friendly practioners to help you get back on your feet again enjoying the vitality of life!

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