What is clinical hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for healing. It can be effective for a myriad issues, including:
stress management
sleep issues
anxiety and depression
addictive behaviours
habits such as nail biting
pain relief

Hypnotherapy works by talking directly to our unconscious mind to shift old patterns and behaviours that are not helpful anymore, and to encourage and learn better ways of living. Through hypnotherapy I will help you develop powerful personal resources that can be directed towards achieving your goals.

Am I in control?

With our hypnotherapy sessions, you are awake and conscious and you are always in control. You will hear everything I say. You will never be given any suggestions that you do not agree to, nor will you ever be asked to speak or reveal anything you do not wish to.

What happens in a session?

:  Prior to hypnosis we assess your situation – talking about the length, breadth and depth of the problem. We discuss the triggers and even times when it hasn’t been a problem.

Possible solutions: 
Next, we talk about the kinds of suggestions and solutions we can give your unconscious to help you gain some control over your life.

Going into hypnosis
: In the second session we begin the hypnosis. The stage of shifting into hypnosis is called a ‘hypnotic induction’. It usually takes about 10 minutes and involves a process of relaxation, often with suggestions like “going deeper and deeper into a very relaxed state”

In hypnosis: 
Once in hypnosis, I will encourage you to use your own senses – such as asking you to visualise a relaxing place that is special to you. Once you are very relaxed, I will offer hypnotic suggestions that are always a result of a therapeutic discussion – using the power of suggestion when your unconscious mind is most open to it.

Coming out of hypnosis
: You will be brought out of hypnosis using a count of five with strong suggestions regarding alertness, awareness and energy. You will be able to drive safely after your hypnosis session

: Once out of hypnosis, we discuss your experience. All your hypnotherapy sessions are recorded for you – and if you wish, emailed to you so you can listen and benefit from your sessions.

Subsequent sessions
: It is rare to resolve a long-term issue in one hypnosis session. In subsequent sessions, however, we can also include learning self-hypnosis techniques. This so you are able to take control at any time.

What hypnotherapy is not
Clinical hypnotherapy is not like “stage show hypnosis” or how it has been portrayed in other popular culture realms. There are no swinging watches in front of your eyes, no danger of waking up and clucking like a chicken and importantly, no loss of control for you. It is not used to expose secrets, program behaviour or potentially take advantage of you in any way.

For best results…

While clinical hypnotherapy is extremely effective as an evidence-based therapy, it is not a magic wand either. Best results are achieved when you are an active participant in your therapy, and open-minded, motivated and clear about your goals. Sometimes the ‘getting clear’ part may take some extra counselling with me first to get to the heart of the matter.

Hypnotherapy can be used for:

Behavioural Changes:  
Nail Biting

Performance Anxiety
Exam Anxiety
Stage Fright
Public Speaking

Stress Management
Sleep Issues
Relaxation Therapy

Pain Management
Chronic Pain

Session length and fee

Hypnotherapy Session: 50 minutes – $100
Hypnotherapy Packages: 4 sessions for $350 – Save $50